Patterson Gives Back – ICT FOOD RESCUE

ICT Food Rescue began when founder Stephanie Merritt returned to college at the age of 46. The courses that she took to obtain her degree at Wichita State University in conjunction with a job where food surplus was thrown out every day inspired her to find a way to make a change. Merritt started small, just rescuing whatever food surplus, whenever she could. She found out that if she were to form a non-profit organization the sky would be the limit. In February 2016, ICT Food Rescue (formerly known as Wichita Area Coalition for Kindness) came to life. Soon after, Merritt began inviting friends to ride along on food rescues and even riding along on some rescues herself in bigger cities on the coasts. ICT Food Rescue is what it is today because of those that are passionate about feeding people and not landfills.