Nominate a Non-Profit

Calling All St. Joseph and Topeka Non-Profits!

Patterson Legal Group and News-Press NOW have partnered to recognize and honor St. Joseph’s local amazing non-profits. We’ve also partnered with WIBW to recognize and honor Topeka’s non-profits. These local non-profit groups or organizations have made a tremendous impact within our communities through their volunteerism, service to others, or philanthropy.

We encourage you to tell us about an organization in your community that is making a difference. The nomination process is simple, fill out the form below and tell us who you think deserves to be recognized.

If the group you nominate is selected, they will be honored by Patterson Legal Group and News-Press NOW or WIBW, where they will receive public recognition and a $1,000.00 check.


Tell us why the organization deserves to be recognized and what they might be able to do with the grant money. Describe one of the group’s most significant contributions or achievements, what makes them special, or how they impact the community.

*Selected organizations must show their 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS prior to being recognized