McAdams Academy Visit

We had the pleasure to tour and deliver computers to McAdams Academy last week as they kicked off the new school year! ðŸ¥³ðŸ¥³ðŸ¥³

Statistics show that 1.3 million children drop out of school every year and we know that a third of those become involved in criminal activity. McAdams Academy is an alternative, trauma-informed private school in the ICT. Students are high-risk youths in middle school or high school who do not have access to a structured learning environment. Students can earn high school credits while working on their problem behavior through the many programs available to them at McAdams. ðŸ˜ðŸ¤œðŸ¤›

Executive Director, Dr. Chuck Knowles, is a true treasure to the community. He is a wonderful leader who is inspired by an ongoing vision for McAdams Academy. “We are seeing a lot of kids expelled from our public schools. They have nowhere to go and that is why McAdams is here,” states Knowles. 💛💛💛